Wednesday, November 16, 2011

15 Days of Thankfulness: Ayla and Logan

As I have mentioned in many prior posts, being an uncle is pretty magical. But I had to give thanks to the pair of little pieces of joy that have come into my life, Logan and Ayla.
I am obviously thankful to have a healthy and happy niece and nephew but I have also had the great privilege to take of taking photos of both of them. Both possess great photogenic attributes; big grins, expressive eyes, and fun personalities (plus they both have such unique kinds of hair which I love). So instead of writing it all out, I will show my thankfulness for my favorite duo of photo subjects. I cannot wait to keep capturing them as they get older and then eventually get scalded by them when they are teenagers for being the "photo-obsessed uncle":

"We live in such extraordinary times
exquisite visions fill up my mind,
Do you remember me taking pictures of you?
As the light came through." -The Kooks

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