Friday, May 20, 2011

Footy Kit Fridays: Another AS Roma kit

I don't know what my recent obsession with these kits are, but maybe its just that great feeling of Kappa's material on my back, or maybe its a sign that I should start caring more about Serie A again, but for whatever reason, in my slightly hung over mind this morning, I chose to throw on my white, long sleeve 2008-09 AS Roma Francesco Totti kit.

Like last week, I don't have a camera on hand to snap what I'm rocking today (and I still think it would be a little weird to show my present self every week) so I'll just attach some images of it here.

I will say that although back to back weeks of Roma, I got to rock this jersey with a Baltimore Orioles hat today and it looked quite nice with both oranges being the same-- plus it helps when living in Bmore to get some hometown respect.

Enjoy the last week of club football for awhile this weekend, hopefully Chelsea can end the season with a win, although it's not for the title.

*I promise next week I'll be posting more, I've just been extremely busy with my photography to keep up. Sorry!

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