Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Sports Writing Gig at MYHOFS.com

I've had the honor of writing for many different websites, but I must say that having the opportunity to join a website that is SURE to create a buzz in the sports field is one I'm extremely excited about.

My good friend Mike and former roommate has taken the reigns at MYHOFS.com and he has asked for me to write for the site. It is like a collaboration between Facebook, sports, and ESPN's user-interface with polls, questions, Hall of Fame votes, and plenty of great written articles.

I just recently had the fortune to write a point-counterpoint friend and fellow-mortal enemy, Matt on our two passions, football and soccer. The debate? Who has the better celebrations...

I would attach the written part, but I post this because I need your votes! The best part about this website is that you vote for athletes, authors, questions, etc. It's similar to the Facebook "Likes" but with more banter and debate. So as a great favor, I would appreciate you clicking here and voting for my article titled "Point-Counterpoint: You Can Dance If You Want To".
Soccer celebrations are simply more entertaining than football.
Each vote gets me closer to victory and perhaps an even more constant gig at MYHOFS.com. Enjoy the piece, I find it humorous yet very well disputed (although soccer clearly takes the title). But take a look around the site and my other articles and remember to sign up for myhofs.com and see the next big thing in sports social media.

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Anonymous said...

Good stuff. You made me a little less dismissive of soccer. I even watched the last half of Arsenal-Barcelona.