Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Morning Captures: My weekly photo obsessions

Like any good artist should know, appreciating other's work is just as important as producing your own good work. So every now and then I stumble upon some great shots and I cannot help but give credit when it's due. Here are some amazing photographs that I've been infatuated with lately. Enjoy!

  ... from National Geographic's Photo of the Day
This picture obviously comes from National Geographic and was taken at Yosemite National Park of these four BASE jumpers leaping off of the Half Dome. It was their Photo of the Day and the caption read, "Leaping from Half Dome is illegal, but in Yosemite the sport of BASE jumping is soaring in popularity anyway."

"The spectacular view from a hot air balloon at sunrise over the Cappadocia Valley in Turkey. The morning light over the valley made the view appear surreal"

"The glowing hues of dusk bathe a mud-splattered gold miner in the border province of Manica. The area draws scores of workers from neighboring Zimbabwe who pan for traces of the precious metal in turbid waters."

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