Friday, July 4, 2008

Post Nhueng

Whats going on everyone,
soooo this is my blog. granted i barely write in my journal, and now that i dont have a good website to post my pictures and keep up with mass emails, we will see how far this blog goes and how long it will last. but im keeping my fingers crossed.

update on the past week or so... we got paid last week and that was phenomenal. As the Wicked Stepmother herself, Dr. Gwen Blair clearly has stated for many years, "There is nothing like getting your first real pay check."

Well... she's right. I went out and bought illegally copy written movies off the street of Bangkok, bought an incredible Egyptian dinner, and an awesome Paul Pierce jersey in honor the world champs. (Did anyone else just hear that small whimper? Was that Kobe Bryant crying or just another girl that he sexually molested and got away with it? Sorry but I can't stand that clown) Iguess the only thing that would be even more suitable for a Thai paycheck would be a World Famous Bangkok Ping Pong show. HA. (Don't ask if you were thinking about it)

This week I started my English tutoring for one of the wealthiest families in Thailand and it is amazing. The kids are geniuses and make me feel as if I need to hire an English tutor for myself. I guess that wouldn't look to great for a paid personal tutor. ha. I will be tutoring them three days a week and hopefully I will get their English to a level where they actually enjoy writing it as quote on quote our conversation yesterday went...
Me: "So what are your least favorite courses in school?"
Wow: "English"
Bam: "Yea, English"
Tami: "Yea, I don't like writing English."
Me: "Well than, it looks like I have some work ahead of me."

I will be trying to post some pictures up here but right now I am looking to set up a professional photography website in the near future. I will have most of my pictures on there with my exhibits and portfolios and resume. I hope I can get it done this weekend.

Ok, for the first post I think this is plenty. I'm out.
Ajarn Roni

PS- Happy Independence Day/Fourth of July/ "Amuuuurica's Birthday"!!!!