Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wandering Druid Hill Park and Hampden

It's been awhile since I've taken sometime to simply just wander around Baltimore. Fortunately, I had a great partner-in-crime and former Thailand jet-setter, Kat, to go on a photo adventure with me for the day. We started at Druid Hill Park, a somewhat large park I had only drive by a few times but never stopped to walk through it. It's a cozy area, with a lake overlooking downtown Baltimore city. Although it was pretty cold that day, the weather had a nice early winter feeling to it, with the leaves from the emptied trees spread throughout the dried up greenish-brown grass. We both were equipped with our Nikon cameras, hers much fancier than me, which left me nearly as green as the aforementioned grass. It was great because there was no concern over time, place or much of anything. Just two friends catching up while shooting different styled photos, as if we were meeting for coffee or lunch, but instead it was behind each other's own cameras.

After the Park we went to Hampden for some food, drinks and a little bit of sightseeing of the famed 34th St. for it's annual Christmas lights decoration of a large block of houses decked out to the maximum capacity. We met up with Kat's friend, Rae and her eclectic group of friends doing a Santa Bar Crawl with emphasis on the sexy. It was quite a ridiculous night as we followed the 20-or-so-deep group of sexified Santas throughout the Hampden bars which included plenty of caroling, drinking, and dancing. Just like the holidays are meant for...


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vote for me for Best Writer and Best Article!

Just a brief post for all of you readers, please go to to vote for the Best of 2011 and vote for me as Best Writer and Best Article (I have two I am proudly nominated for: You Can Dance If You Want To and When I Root, I Root for the Timbers!)

Since it is a serious passion of mine to write about sports and I've had the honor to do so with MyHOFS, I hope that you take the moment to go to the link above and vote! And remember to vote for the rest of the guys and gals in the other topics because they are all amazing!
Thanks everyone!