Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Newest MyHOFS Piece Titled "Hop on Board"

UPDATE: For my second straight MyHOFS article, it was picked up by The Big Sports Lead and made the cover story!
Every week or so I have been writing for the great new website MyHOFs.com and I suggest every goes to the site and see how interactive and cool the features are. It's a great sports social network/forum that I look to continue doing a lot of work with and right now we need as much traffic and users on it. So if you haven't already, please head over to my newest article (some of it seen below) and register for free as a user. Once you do, you can vote for my posts and other talented writer's like Mike Calabrese, Matt Mitchell, and Ryan Kamp.
Here is the first part of my article titled Hop on Board: The Clippers Bandwagon is Ready to Roll on MyHOFs:

Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 10 of Thankfulness: Writing

I've had the fortunate pleasure of being able to write for so many different publications and in a wide variety of styles. My passion to write is what drives me (along with my photography and about a hundred others) and I love to be able to express myself, my thoughts, my experiences, and anything else in writing. I am lucky enough to write daily at work and then when I get home from my job, I keep writing. That is the true sign of love, right?

Anyway, as I have frequently explained on this blog --and will continue to-- I enjoy writing about all different topics and just this week I recently published another article at MyHOFS.com, the tremendously exciting and up-and-coming website that I am a contributor for. As I mentioned, I have hundreds of other hobbits away from the writing and photography and one of them is sports. I love watching, playing, commentating, and being a fan of nearly all sports and so this week I decided to cover the upcoming NBA season that we all were so lucky to have return to our lives. Although so many have gone without even noticing that professional basketball is back, others were relieved to see that the incredibly wealthy owners and the incredibly wealth players could agree on how they both would be getting incredibly wealthy this season.

So to give you a taste of my article on MyHOFS, here is a portion of it:

MyHOFS NBA Preview:
I have many gripes. The one most vocalized is my hated for the length of the baseball season. There is nothing worse than following a sport that lasts practically the length of the first two trimesters of pregnancy.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

11 Days of Thanksgiving: Piano

We all have triggers to our memories. One thing that is constantly on my mind is the immediate relationship of music with distinct nostalgic memories. I write about these moments frequently, as second behind my photography, music transcends time and distances and can instantaneously send you to a moment you could never reach in your deepest of efforts.

Although the snow has yet to fall here in Baltimore, there is one relationship within the winter season that goes together as perfect as a warm jacket and scarf. That is the sound of a finely played piano, with stark contrast to its fellow instruments in any arrangement of music-- alone in the song, you might say. With that piano comes the pairing of the cold chill of that particular time during the winter season when the feeling outside is that snow is on it's way.

Hailing from the upper North East, this time of year happens around Halloween. The ground gets its morning frost and the clouds blanket the sky with gloomy grays as the air gets dry within your lungs and underneath your fingernails. This is winter's welcoming.