About Me

Currently I am a freelance writer and photographer looking for that next big adventure. This blog is here to share my photos, stories, and everything in between.
About myself: after graduating from Loyola University Maryland, I went to Bangkok, Thailand to teach English for two years at Assumption University while running my own small business. During my time abroad I continued to expand my writing and photography skills while traveling throughout Asia and Africa. Presently, I am back in America and am looking for my next project while working at an online publishing company in Baltimore, MD.
Please take a look at my website www.michaeltirone.com which is still currently under renovation, but many of my photographs are posted there frequently. This blog is used to direct you back to my site but also to update my readers on my everyday writings and thoughts. I hope you enjoy, but please comment on my work or requests of work as I am always looking to improve and widen my range in writing, photography, or design.

Peace and love,
Michael Tirone