Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Newest MyHOFS Piece Titled "Hop on Board"

UPDATE: For my second straight MyHOFS article, it was picked up by The Big Sports Lead and made the cover story!
Every week or so I have been writing for the great new website MyHOFs.com and I suggest every goes to the site and see how interactive and cool the features are. It's a great sports social network/forum that I look to continue doing a lot of work with and right now we need as much traffic and users on it. So if you haven't already, please head over to my newest article (some of it seen below) and register for free as a user. Once you do, you can vote for my posts and other talented writer's like Mike Calabrese, Matt Mitchell, and Ryan Kamp.
Here is the first part of my article titled Hop on Board: The Clippers Bandwagon is Ready to Roll on MyHOFs:

What David Stern did was 100% correct and last night proved it in Los Angeles.
I read that the Lakers were to receive Chris Paul and send out Lamar and the Llama (I smell a children’s book title) a day after publishing my NBA preview last week. Before I even had a chance to make edits to the piece and scornfully boost the Lakers’ playoff chances with the addition of CP3, the commish threw the hammer down on the trade. And I couldn’t have been happier. Really, all of us should be happy about this. Odom got shipped to the Cuban Playground out of spite for being throw in the CP3 trade talks and Kobe was forced to soak in his own fury.

When I was about 11 years old, I saw a high schooler for the first time get drafted to an NBA team. I disagreed with him skipping college and I despised the team he joined. After Kobe’s first year playing, I wrote an essay on why I hated the Lakers. It read something like, “because Kobe Bryant doesn’t pass a lot,” and “because I don’t like the color purple.” All legitimate reasons for a sixth grader who was born to hate the Lakers. I’m a Celtics boy: it runs deep within my blood.

As a youth my disapproval for the team out of L.A. enhanced even further through basic visual connotation, as Damon Wayans (looking eerily similar to a young Kobe Bryant on a purple-colored team) starred in the movie Celtic Pride—a film that casts my native-Bostonians as crazed player-kidnapping fans. An instant classic in my adolescent mind, I have been demanding a remake of that film with the same director (Judd Apatow) for years now. The exception would need to be including a more heated and storied Celtic-Laker rivalry, instead one made up with the Utah Jazz. (Kidnapping Andrei Kirilenko would just result in an ugly ordeal with Russian mobsters anyway.)

But aside from fictional films and the decades of a historic rivalry unlike any other in the NBA, signs were all around me to forever hate the Lakers, and root for any one of their opponents.
And now the day has come, thanks to the worst commissioner of sport after Bud Selig, where Laker-haters and Celtic-haters can agree on one spectacular thing. The Clippers.

Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant would have made the Lakers an absolute dynasty for the ages, even after the (alleged) rapist’s career was over. But David Stern gave the basketball world a Hanukkah miracle by rejecting the trade. Now the city of Los Angeles is happy to see another superstar play in the Staple Center, while the Purple Pride sees an Odom-less, Jackson-less, talent-less Lakers team. All thanks to the loveable losers they share the same arena with: the Clippers.

I don’t care how you slice it. This is the best situation possible. Everyone needs to hop on the Clippers bandwagon now or forever hate the hype because I promise you, ESPN won’t let this juicy story down. What was once the “LeBron returning to Cleveland” story will now be the “Kobe vs. Chris as King of L.A.” story—times three (Jan. 9, Jan. 25, April 4). The plotlines will thicken like the collagen that consumes the Lakers pretentious fan base and the rivalry will finally intensify.

'What rivalry?' you might ask...
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