Thursday, April 28, 2011

Music Make Me Happy

So as of recently I have had some people requesting to give them some new music suggestions. I personally droll at the thought as music is such a big part of my life, so when I was composing a list for my friend Deirdre, I realized that I might have gotten a bit more into it than I thought.

20 minutes into the email I realized I had just practically did a run-through of my iPod and covered it like the Rolling Stones album review section (not nearly as well though). So I figured why not tell the world? And since my photography is on a hiatus due to technical issues with my computer and hard drives, I figured, I'd drop some musical knowledge on you.

I hope to try and do this every once in awhile, refresh the ol' music library, so keep an eye out for it again. But for now, enjoy the music!

Mumford and Sons - "Sigh No More" ... little dated from last year's Grammy's but this album kills it
Fleet Foxes - "Helplessness Blues" ... newest album from the greatest travel music made
Feist - "Let It Die" ... most people don't have her first album since she didn't get popular but this one i think is MUCH better than her others
Florence + The Machine - "Lungs" ... another Grammy's boomer but she's unreal
Broken Bells - "Broken Bells" ... Lead singer of The Shins with some melo-hip hop is a lethal combo
Cut Copy - "Zonoscope" ... close your eyes and you'll think you're stuck in Ferris Bueller's Day Off straight outta the 80's but fun
Bon Iver - "For Emma, Forever Ago" ... Hands down, no sugarcoating, probably the greatest album made in decades. I could write novels on this album, but let's just say its on a cult-ish level and will surpass generations.
Blue Merle - "Burning In The Sun" ... pretty old (2005) but a truly incredible album by a band that has no other albums. sad.
Ben Harper and the Relentless7 - "White Lies for Dark Times" ... plain and simple, Ben Harper gets raw on this more rockish album.
Ben Folds - "Ben Folds Presents: University a Cappella!" ... Pretty much a "Best of..." album but with amazing a cappella arrangements from various universities. Blows Glee or American Idol outta the water. (word up, Chimes)
Beach House - "Teen Dream" ... Baltimore based "dream-haze" band, with the lead singer formerly a waitress at Holy Frijoles in Hampden. She's a good server but an unreal singer.
Aqualung - "Magnetic North" ... as ALL of his albums, this one is touching and incredible. Top 5 albums of last year on my iPod
Alexi Murdoch - "Four Songs" ... the quite literal album which is small but packs a punch in just four slow and smooth songs
Adele - "21" ... obviously hitting pretty famous levels now but the album is amazing and MIGHT top her debut album of "19". It's just unreal that only two years after the debut she's blowing up the charts and legally of drinking age (well she was in her native England at 19 anyway)
Guillemots - "From The Cliffs" ... a little dated but a cool mix of various kinds of sounds and melodies with some killer drumming and vocals
The Temper Trap - "Conditions" ... probably heard the popular song "Sweet Disposition" on TV, but the rest of the album is fire
Guster - "Easy Wonderful" ... their most recent album and it's already up there as one of my favorites and I only just started listening to it. "Bad Bad World" is a great song.
The Baltimore Argument - check out their site and see what is really good with Brutzy and the boys from Bmore. Newest single was released called "High Rise" and the free download is making some noise. Give credit when credit is due and give promotion to good talent... these guys deserve every bit of it.

... drop me some comments or line on what you think of any or all of these artists, I personally love them all but if you have any others that you think are worth talking about, I want to know.

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Craving A Peace said...

I love a lot of the albums listed here, Mike. A few of them I have never heard of, which is pretty cool. Now I have some research to do and a few playlists to build. So thanks for this post, actually. My iPod needs a refresher :)