Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nostalgia is a Powerful Drug

There is not much in my life that I can say that sends me into a deep nostalgic place more than images of Thailand...
For the almost three total years in the Land of Smiles, I have an ample amount of love and connection with the country which I lived it so peacefully.
Recently, I have been offered another photography exhibit and the curator enjoyed a lot of my "travel" photos. So, in my attempt to gather some of my favorites, I had to dig through my photos, dating way back to 2006 all the way up to today. I have barely scratched the surface of the amount of thousands upon thousands of photographs that I need to look through because most of the time, that sweet sweet taste of nostalgia comes in and sweeps me (and my productivity) away.
But the beauty of it all is that I have images to bring me right back to that time, place, smell, sound, feeling, etc.
At the request of a friend interested in some of my work -- whom I lived in Thailand with for six months -- I scoured through my photos, but only of Bangkok, and narrowed down some basic BKK life shots. In between flipping through folders, I looked at my fellow photographer/Thailand lover/Ajarn Rich's photos on his blog at
...His work is stellar and I highly recommend looking at his stuff and his writing.
Courtesy of Richard W. Marks

I also stumbled upon another talented photographer whom I am a fan of on Facebook named Luciano Mortula. This picture of his brought me right back to Ramkhamhaeng Road in Bangkapi. It was just a rush of memories and feelings when looking at both Rich and Luciano's photos from Thailand.
Titled: C I T Y O F A N G E L S Courtesy of Luciano Mortula

So without any delay, I needed to post a few images that remind me of the life in Bangkok. If you have lived there, I hope the memories come rushing back to you as they do for me. If you have never been there, hopefully you'll get a better understanding of the jai dee life.

*Be sure to head over to my website for more photos in my Nostalgic Thailand gallery and wander around the rest of for some new photos.
**If you are interested in some of my photos (whether it be to print, frame, or just have a digital copy) please contact me at

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