Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl predictions and new photos!

What's up everyone,
Since I've been recently labeled as being scarily addicted to sports (and sports wagers), I am putting out just one post with my Super Bowl XLV comments but also include some new photos that I just uploaded to WMT Photo for your viewing pleasure.
First off, today, I uploaded another new gallery of photos on my Nepal page. Stories behind these photos will be given on this blog but also throughout the website, but for now, my mission is to get as many good, professional photos up asap. So take a look!

Now since I've posted the link and a photo from the newly made gallery, I must give an explanation to my rebirth into American sports fandom before my prediction for Sunday's game. Living in a foreign country for two years, I did not have the great pleasure of watching any of my favorite sports teams (aside from Chelsea in the English Premier League) and so my love of the Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox, UNC Tar Heels, and Oregon Ducks sort of fell by the wayside with my time difference of 11 (or 12) hours killing any opportunity to watch my teams. So now that I am back in America, I am simply making up for lost time. I will even out to being a normal person once again, but for now, I am on overload.
Ok, so the Packers will take home the Lombardi trophy back to Green Bay where that specific trophy got its name. I don't feel like seeing the Steelers and Big Ben's felon hands touch that trophy again. Let Aaron Rodgers enjoy the feeling since he was cast in the shadow of Bret Favre's massive ego. The Green and Yellow will represent champions much better than the boys from the Steel City.

Enjoy your seven layered dips, buffalo wings, and hopefully hysterical commercials on this Sunday of Super proportions.

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